The Misconception of Value: Hype of Cosmetics

From my personal opinion, the media has had  a way of blowing up things to make it appear to ALL of social media that it is better than good. In other words, hype. You see hype in the fashion industry, like the oversized platforms on used to be shoes only worn by toddlers in my early days. Or you see hype in politics- with the new president and all- concerning all of his plans for the domination of the United States, or the world for that matter. I mean who knows what Trump really thinks …. And then there’s hype in my field of work-cosmetics .

You see trends going left and right, up and down, from California to New York City. The minute that they break the internet is the same time that everyone (most people) on social media gets a one-track mind. Whatever that set opinion is on a thing, is what everyone thinks of. For instance, when Urban Decay released the first Naked Palette in 2010, everyone seen it as the holy grail of eyeshadow. It was released in the summer at most popular, overly-hyped cosmetics stores. Now I don’t knock or throw shade on Naked for this palette, because it is high performing. It includes a brush and a small mirror for around 40 to 50 bucks. And to some, this may be worth the hype and the money, but to me, I believe that this collection makes everyday MUA’s lose sight and value of the phrase “worth it.”

When the palette was released, the media EXPLODED!  Reviews were everywhere, the palettes were being added into MUA’s everyday collections and  basically being idolized by any and everyone in the industry. Now knowing what I do of the background of Urban Decay, I did appreciate what they had given to the makeup world, with their 20+ years of experience. By all means, they deserve bragging rights. UD’s purpose has always been to seek uniqueness and individuality. Their foundation and thrive does go a long way and is reflected in their products. I revert back to what I was saying about determining the cause of why you are actually buying a product, and what you plan to get out of it.

When you first started in your journey of cosmetics, the first product you bought wasn’t 50 dollars. It didn’t get a lot of hype, but it had reviews. Most likely you don’t use it now and you look back on why you don’t and ask yourself. “Why did I change products?” Now there’s various reasons behind why one might pick up a different product, whether that reason may be because of quality, lack of overall interest. Whatever the case may be, you don’t use that product anymore. Now think about if this product had the same amount of hype as the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. It was around the same price, had the same “high-end” tag that everyone uses now. You’ve never even used Urban Decay, but since it has been “hyped up” (and I say this as for example, not to be scornful) you choose this product.

And so you get this product home, and you’re all happy and definitely feel a way about your purchase.  As soon as you apply this eyeshadow, despite most obvious and physical factors, your mind is already biased to believe whatever the congregation of media has implanted in your mind about this product. The message from them could have been that they loved this product, and everything about it is great. Same as your old palette looking at you as you apply its twin. You are already going to have the idea that everything about this palette is great. Or everyone could hate this, and though you may personally love this palette, you also think to yourself flaws from it, and so now you hate it as well.

Less likely are you going to compare your old palette to its competitor, because this new product is better, right?….

And quality is  a misconception to people these days. You know what you like, deep down in your heart, but it’s trained to believe whatever is trending is important for you to look into. But what do I know?


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