2017 Spring Collection: Laid Back

Time to blossom into that highly allergic to pollen, sneezing, Claritin addicted bright person you’ve been waiting to be since last October. Well- it’s not all bad until the new layer of  mascara you just applied ends up on your upper cheek.  The spring  time is not only time for you to pick up on some new anti-histamines, but to pick up the new trending collections of those bright colors every bug from the seventh circle of hell loves.

What’s Trending?

Dior Sprinf collection
Dior Colour Gradation Collection Spring 2017 | Courtesy of Dior

The typical Easter Sunday pastel colors are found in many of this year’s trending lookbooks, but with a twist of bold colors from fall 2016. As referred to in one of my favorite blogs, twindly.com, the Colour Gradation Collection of Dior is to die for! I love how the creator, Peter Phillips, provides us with kind of a rosy, and warm assemblage of lacquers with more bland eyeshadow colors. It really helps me appreciate the more bold essentials in the collection. The blushes are as selfsame in my opinion, but allows for that new-born baby glow to shine through.

dior foundation.jpg
DiorSkin Forever | Courtesy of Dior

Something new that I adore from Dior would have to be weightless DiorSkin Forever Pore-Refining foundation. It is a long-lasting and matte. Also found in now 28 shades, having been added four more shades to the collection for more precision, allowing a wider range of undertones to join the party. The creator recommends for the full experience, you follow a 3-step ritual designed by makeup artists themselves.

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